Our work

Our Clients

Our clients range from multinational organisations facing complex regulatory and industry issues, to overseas governments, non-government organisations and high-net worth individuals.

We have, or have acted for, clients across a large number of sectors and geographies. Whilst each client programme is created specifically to solve an identified need, we have developed a series of specialisms in both the type of issues clients face and the stakeholders which will need to be managed.

Our Work

We are partner-led and work to create bespoke solutions to a range of strategic communication problems. We work forensically with our clients to understand fully the issues they face. This understanding allows us to advise not just on the issues they face today, but also to anticipate the future communications needs of the business. We work closely with clients to tailor our offering to the challenges they face. DRD has extensive experience and a track record of delivery in the following areas:

Reputation Management

We assist clients with building and managing their reputation through the development of strategic communication programmes. Many of our clients face reputational challenges or change and require support when working with media, regulatory bodies, government and other institutions to explain organisational objectives and to correct inaccuracies with clear messaging. We frequently develop internal communication programmes to ensure that change is understood within client organisations and complements external communication activity.

Crisis Communication

We support clients throughout the crisis communication process - from preparing for a crisis to managing one already underway. We help by assisting with crisis procedure recommendations, training, messaging and media engagement during a crisis.

Our clients see fast results and round the clock crisis support.

Litigation Support

We have extensive experience supporting clients facing complex disputes in UK and international courts. We work closely with legal teams to develop a tailored communications strategy that coordinates with the legal approach and develops materials suitable for a range of audiences.

Stakeholder Relations

We work to build and strengthen relationships between our clients and key stakeholders including: national and international governmental institutions, regulatory bodies, investors, consumers, NGOs and media.

Identifying Value, Mitigating Risk

Years of experience helping clients manage crises has led us to develop a specific approach that identifies areas of risk and value within client organisations. This approach enables us to develop programmes that protect and enhance value while mitigating against future risks. As a result, the scale of damage from potential crises can be materially decreased, clients are strengthened in their risk preparedness and crisis prevention and communication activity retains a clear focus on protecting value.

For more information, read about our Risk + Value product.