Data Breaches

DRD has a dedicated data breaches team, with relationships in place with key insurers and law firms. Thus, we can respond to a variety of data breaches.

To help our clients prepare and plan for possible breaches, we have developed a suite of training programmes.

We also operate a 24/7 response team to ensure that we have the ability to provide immediate input to the management of a breach the moment it is identified.


Case studies

UK public entity suffered inadvertent breach of sensitive data


A UK public institution suffered a data breach wherein highly private personal data and records were emailed to an external distribution list.


DRD’s specialist data breach response team worked alongside the institution and its legal team to integrate and streamline the response. Within 24 hours, internal and external stakeholder letters were written and issued, internal and external Q&As were created, key messages were established, a timeline of events was developed, the response to the regulator was managed, and multiple media enquiries were fielded.


Due to the implementation of a strategic and regimented response, the institution avoided being subject to any regulatory fines, and media coverage was fact-based and non-sensationalised.