Litigation Support

We find that litigation support is an increasingly important area of law in the age of social media. Hence, one of DRD’s core business offerings is the support of national and international litigations.

Activities within the courts are the focus of ever greater interest amongst media, consumers, politicians, pressure groups and regulators. These are creating risks for companies and individuals. Therefore, DRD recognises the need to work carefully alongside legal advisers to manage this scrutiny carefully, ensuring accurate reporting without prejudicing the legal case.

Our clients include wealthy individuals, multinational corporations, governments and charitable organisations, among others.


Case studies

Supporting a claim against a leading challenger bank for the mis-selling of loans


DRD was recruited by the UK's leading claims management group to support bringing an action against a leading challenger bank for the mis-selling of loans.


DRD is working alongside the legal team, barristers and forensics to raise awareness of the claim, recruit members and ensure that the bank is seen to be facing a legitimate claim that should be answered in the courts.


The legal process is now underway and a claim is likely to be issued in the courts in the near future.

Supporting shareholder action group claim against a leading UK-listed bank


DRD was recruited by a leading law firm and group of investors to support an action against a leading UK-listed bank to gain compensation for the alleged loss of funds as a result of capital fund-raising.


DRD worked alongside the legal team to develop key arguments to share with stakeholders to generate an understanding of the validity of the claim. This material was used to brief relevant financial media, politicians and investor groups. A sustained campaign was delivered in the consumer and institutional finance press, drawing attention to the ability of individuals and institutions to join a claim with a genuine case for compensation.


The claim was universally seen as credible and enormous reputational pressure was put on the bank to settle. Five years later, after an extended legal process, a settlement was reached, returning hundreds of millions of pounds to legitimate investors.