The role charities play in society is constantly evolving. We work to protect and preserve their value in a complex and challenging world.

Recent years have witnessed a sea change in stakeholder expectations of charities, and we continue to see a transformation in how regulators, elected officials, the media and the general public view, value and treat them.  

Divergent views on the role of charities present new and complex situations for the sector and individual organisations to address. Not only is there a heightened need for each to preserve and communicate their value to wider audiences, but charities campaigning for cultural change are under increasing pressure themselves to respond to wider societal debates.   

We support the vital role charities play and have extensive experience working alongside a wide range of voluntary sector and membership institutions, helping them communicate with key stakeholders and manage any challenges they face.  

News & Views
Schools & Charities

1 Sep 2023

A taxing question for independent schools

Labour has confirmed that it will remove key tax exemptions for independent schools, as part of its mission to break down barriers to opportunity. Much of the detail…

Crisis & Reputation Management

5 Jul 2023

Going to extremes: how can regulation prevent the abuse of charities?

Charities have found themselves at the heart of a regulatory debate over extremism and free speech, writes Jon McLeod.

Schools & Charities

7 Feb 2023

Schools set to remain on cyber alert

Schools are braced for a fresh cyber onslaught after a bruising past year, say Kate Miller and Iona Cross.