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Navigating Client Reputation Management: Combined PR and Legal Considerations

Why politics matters: Labour’s Jess Phillips MP packs DRD breakfast

Podcast – How to handle the AI challenge

UK government outlines further changes to country’s investment screening regime

‘No complacency’ for Labour in the run up to the General Election

What would a Labour Government mean for UK-China relations?

Shadow Culture Secretary lays out Labour’s cultural agenda at DRD roundtable

Lifting the veil on proceedings in the Family Courts

The roofs over our heads


15 Feb 2024

Kickstarting a career in Strategic Communications

AI at the Helm

Protecting global reputations: supporting private clients in conflicts and disputes

Preaching the controversy

22 Dec 2023

DRD’s Christmas Quiz

The not-so-silly season…

A legal and political paradox: how a government determined to restrict judicial review ended up expanding it

Special Report: How trust is central to weathering misconduct probes


17 Nov 2023

“We’ll always have Paris”: the countdown to COP28

What is the smart way to regulate Artificial Intelligence?

CAT’s out the bag: Landmark UK class action settlement deal

Press Releases

15 Sep 2023

AI & Reputation Management: Report by Carter-Ruck and DRD Partnership

Curing the ills of NHS

Starmer eyes General Election with Labour reshuffle

Schools & Charities

1 Sep 2023

A taxing question for independent schools

Building a Better Britain

A class apart: making the case for class actions

Press Releases

18 Aug 2023

DRD Inaugural Summer School: Bridging Gaps and Building Futures

Everyday People: Labour and the ‘everyday economy’

Risky Business: how should companies act on the National Risk Register?

Going to extremes: can regulation protect charities from abuse?

Press Releases

3 Jul 2023

DRD ranked in Tier 1 by Chambers & Partners


12 Jun 2023

Financial institutions face challenges to ESG investment credentials

Skeletons in the closet? Communicating supply chains in the activist world

New report – Labour’s ambitions for competition

Who’s watching the watchmen?

Change or more of the same?

Regulator “wrong to block” Microsoft deal – poll

The devil is in the detail of gambling reform

Five years’ porridge for delivering a pizza: National Security Bill still causes concern

Three dimensions of cross-jurisdictional fraud

DRD and Green Park host Labour roundtable on Women and Equalities

Avoiding a “SLAPP down”

DRD hosts Labour roundtable on sports, media and culture

A Budget to frame #GE2024

Chips with Everything

Labour means business, pledges shadow minister

Shareholder activism: harder, better, faster, stronger

Schools & Charities

7 Feb 2023

Schools set to remain on cyber alert

Starmer’s business: Labour prepares its path to power

The race to regulate begins. How will Web3 respond?

A slow reveal: the National Security and Investment Act one year on

“Credibility cannot be taken for granted” – The political implications of the Autumn Statement

DRD hosts roundtable on business and industry

Hand in glove? Public affairs and public law

DRD hosts roundtable on science and innovation

Michael Rose joins DRD

Fighting Europe’s competition powerplay

Dismay at Europe’s anti-trust land-grab


25 Jul 2022

Conservative Leadership Election 2022


15 Jul 2022

ESG & Litigation: Where will greenwashing go now?


4 Jul 2022

Prising Open the Black Box

The House Always Wins

Policy continues despite politics


1 Jun 2022

The Procurement Bill: UK SMEs free from red tape?

Up next on Channel 4 – the Media Bill

A super-sized Queen’s Speech

The national impact of the local elections

Ukraine and its impact on anti-trust policy

Bills face squeeze as Johnson seeks reboot

Press Releases

11 Apr 2022

Remembering Jeremy Oppenheim – Senior Advisor

Take back (subsidy) control?: State aid after Brexit


6 Apr 2022

Teach First Leadership Conference

Do anti-trust rules prevent firms cutting carbon?

Online safety law set to bind Big Tech

Squeeze means no spring in Sunak’s step

Top judge warns over ‘PRing’ rulings

The Online Safety Bill

Claire Harris joins DRD

Open for Business? The case for the defence…

Clouds on the horizon

Drums from the hills

Getting Down to Levelling Up

CMA airs the fashion industry’s dirty laundry

Appointed Representatives face rules squeeze

The National Security and Investment Act

Gove will tear us apart, again

Levelling Up – a title without a policy (yet)?

Online Sales Tax Report

Terrorism: Moving Past The Blast

A Fair COP?

To tax or not to tax?

Digital Markets Unit: UK tech uncertainty


14 Oct 2021

CITMA: Reputation, resolution and revolution


12 Oct 2021

BRLA, Dentons & DRD: Reputation on trial

Subsidy Control Bill Impacts Devolved Nations

How will Boris lead in these difficult times?

Labour still struggling with key messages

The Afghan Crisis and Domestic Politics

Subsidy Control Bill Published

Parliament’s End of Term Report

Divided Unite

Schools & Charities

14 Jul 2021

Podcast: Education in a Digital Age

Global Britain: Notes from G7


7 Jul 2021

ESG & litigation: a rising reputational risk

Lessons from Everyone’s Invited

Taking stock of the EU’s Covid recovery fund

Brexit 5 years on…

Press Releases

24 Jun 2021

Chambers & Partners Rankings Published

Communications in collective actions


11 Jun 2021

ESG beyond G7


10 Jun 2021

Scandal at the Post Office

Levelling-Up & Post-pandemic priorities

Time for Labour to get on the front foot

Local Elections 2021

Competition Law & The European Super League

Vaccines: a European perspective

Is it all doom & gloom for Sir Keir Starmer?

The secret to a great economy? Timing.

Stick to the facts


18 Feb 2021

Questions for Ambassador Stefano Cacciaguerra Ranghieri


18 Feb 2021

DRD Guide to ESG: What you need to know

Regulatory over-reach in Gambling

Biden’s monumental challenge

Labour troubles – key challenges for Starmer

Choppy waters ahead, Prime Minister

Brexit: Talk is not cheap


8 Dec 2020

ESG Regulation and the pandemic effect


2 Dec 2020

Jumping on the ESG bandwagon


2 Dec 2020

Are Boards behind the curve on ESG?


2 Dec 2020

Power to your people


2 Dec 2020

Communicating ESG to the media


13 Nov 2020

Shifting sands – hopes and fears for a new climate agreement

US Election 2020: “You’re fired”, probably…

School Meals: No.10 fails the comms test again

Trust me, I’m a hacker – the threat of ransomware

The final stretch for a Brexit deal?

Permanent Secretaries & the Civil Service Reform

Revenge of the nerds

What is the point of the Lib Dems?

Kier Starmer: So far, so good… but what next?

Conservatives perform well but provide scant detail

Lessons from Down Under: A warning of what’s to come?

EU-UK negotiations – View from Brussels and London



10 Jul 2020

Data Security Breaches – Farrer & Co.

Carpe Diem: House of Lords’ Gambling Harm Report


6 Jul 2020

ESG – Covid cure-all or emperors new clothes?

The rise of class actions

Great expectations

A Critical juncture for Government

No news is good news… right?  


22 Jun 2020

PRCA: Covid-19 and Law firm communications

Coming to Boris’s Aid

Two metre, or not two metre – amongst other questions

Which countries will top the league post-COVID 19?

Cummings’ Cock-Up: Classic Dom!  

Getting out into the world after lockdown

Returning to work – Between Scylla and Charybdis

Lockdown Roadmap: More unenviable choices

Litigation in the wake of COVID-19

Stakes are high for the future of gambling

The view from Brussels: What does Covid-19 mean for Brexit?


Crisis: The kaleidoscope has been shaken

Think big to exit crisis stronger

Public affairs in unprecedented times

Court on camera


6 Apr 2020

ESG: each letter counts

Starming to victory

COVID: Communicating the crisis

Biden his time

Managing challenge & change in a pandemic

Is it time to bring back the feel-good factor?

The view from Brussels: Johnson’s French problem

Your guide to the integrated Defence and Security Review

Labour Leadership Election

Restructure or reshuffle? Part 2

Restructure or reshuffle? Part 1

Power to the People – are we all diplomats now?

Decision on the future of HS2 imminent

End of an Era/Error?


20 Jan 2020

Davos: Going for Green

The Labour leadership election

Taking aim – what’s in the crosshairs for 2020?

Mind the perception gap

A 2020 political snapshot

Welcoming the DUDE!

Labour Party Conference: Triumph and Disaster

General Election 2019: They think it’s all over…

Is Nationalism on the rise?

A 2.5 party system for 3.5 countries?

What does AI mean for lawyers?

Where in the world…On foreign policy

Just how right wing would a new Johnson government be?


18 Nov 2019

Newsnight at the Palace


18 Nov 2019

My Life My Say: Common Futures Forum

6 reasons why Labour could still win (and 6 reasons why they won’t)


25 Oct 2019

Roundtable Discussion with Sir Vince Cable MP


23 Oct 2019

Crisis communication for schools

A Conference of Two Halves

Brexit: Optimism evaporating

Brexit: The View from Brussels

Public Affairs & The Law

What will become of the Union after Brexit?

Damn and Blaster: Boris 14 days in

The Race to be Prime Minister

The aftermath of the European Elections


7 May 2019

Cyber Security – A business issue


25 Apr 2019

DRD breakfast roundtable: Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

Stuck in the middle with the EU Referendum?


14 Nov 2018

DRD breakfast event: Business & Brexit

Reflections on the Conservative Party Conference 2018


27 Jun 2018

Breakfast briefing: digital activism


13 Jun 2018

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