Managing Challenge & Change

Dear Friends,

When we founded DRD we set out to be London’s leading consultancy for helping clients through periods of crisis and change. Today we are confronted with a global pandemic, unprecedented in modern times, the scale, contours and consequences of which have yet to become clear. This brings immense uncertainty and challenge for businesses, employees, families and communities. As a close-knit team, concerned about our colleagues and friends, we know what you’re feeling because we’re going through it too. But helping businesses in times like this is what we’re here to do. We’re following Government guidance and working remotely, but there’s no change in our ability to service our clients in the UK and abroad.

During periods of crisis some qualities are paramount: proper planning; decisive leadership; clear communication with staff and stakeholders; and an ability to look beyond the crisis. Even in such a dynamic situation as we find ourselves today, there are elements that we can look to control.

We also know that businesses that understand reputation risk recover more quickly. During crises missteps can be disastrous, but conversely, reputations, trust and connectivity with employees, customers and clients can be strengthened with proactive crisis management. Remaining vigilant about your reputation now and throughout can have material consequences.

As the crisis recedes, stakeholders will continue to scrutinise boards, and working practices, demand enhanced ESG policies and litigate to protect or enforce their rights; this work needs to continue as business as usual will return. You might want to consider carefully who your stakeholders are and how your messaging lands with each of them. Stakeholders are those without whom your business would not exist – employees, customers, investors and others depending on your business.

There isn’t a playbook for dealing with a pandemic like Covid-19. As such, we’ll see Governments, law makers and regulators taking steps never before seen in peacetime to reduce the impact. This means the business environment will change quickly and profoundly. Nor will the end of the health emergency necessarily mean the end of the crisis for many businesses. Covid-19 will have a long tail as the economic, social and legal consequences unwind.

At DRD, we’ll be closely following policy, regulatory and legal developments to help you understand what it means for your businesses or that of your clients, and helping you better understand and manage risk. For many, there is real opportunity to look for disruptive approaches and new thinking to help support Government responses. We can help you help shape Government thinking in this rapidly moving context.

If we can be of assistance at this uniquely challenging time please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at We’re here to work with you and for you.

In the meantime, on behalf of all of us at DRD, stay healthy,

With all best wishes,


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