CITMA Conference: Reputation, resolution and revolution

14 Oct 2021

DRD Partner, Claire Davidson, took part in CITMA’s, Autumn Conference 2021: Reputation, resolution and revolution. Claire hosted a plenary session, “Managing reputations in the world of IP – why it matters”.

Managing reputations in the world of IP

In this session Claire looked at the current reporting environment and why there is a need for effective reputation management in the world of contentious IP litigation.

Giving examples from well-known cases, she described how conflicts play out in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law and how opinions are formed long before any official judgment is given.

The commercially minded advisor will be alive to this and think beyond just the strict legal merits of a case as to what impact this might have on the reputation of the client, its business and a broader range of audiences including shareholders, customers, and politicians.