DRD hosts Labour roundtable on sports, media and culture

14 Mar 2023

DRD Partnership was pleased to host Labour Frontbench Peer, Lord Bassam of Brighton, Shadow Spokesperson for Culture, Media and Sport, Energy and Net Zero and Science Innovation and Technology at a roundtable policy dialogue.

With a broad range of culture, media and sport legislation at a variety of stages, the session provided a chance to understand Labour’s thinking and priorities. The roundtable was the latest in a series of DRD-hosted engagements with the Labour Frontbench.

The Data Bill, Media Bill, Gambling White Paper and Football Governance White Paper were all the subject of discussion, with a general sense of a backlog when it comes to these industry-defining, long-trailed areas of legislation. There was a view that much of this is likely to land on Labour’s desk after the next General Election, expected in autumn 2024.

Lord Bassam emphasised the need to strike a balance when it comes these major reforms, in particular to ensure key industries remain competitive and thrive, whilst protecting consumers, fans and communities. He recognised the uncertainty that prolonged delays to reform has caused to affected businesses and in particular the lack of detail on these potentially wide-sweeping changes.

Bassam went on to provide insight on the Lords legislative process, outlining an experience that often contrasts with the higher profile workings of the Commons. He emphasised the collaborative, more expert and less partisan nature of the Lords, going on to characterise it as a place where legislations is nuanced and details scrutinised.

As earlier speakers in our roundtable series affirmed, Bassam emphasised that Labour is actively seeking to engage the business community ahead of the next General Election, and encouraged guests to enter talks with the Party on their policy priorities.