DRD Summer School 2024: a glimpse into the future with hands-on experience

9 Jul 2024

DRD partnered with Future First to give eight brilliant young sixth formers the opportunity to learn about communications, the courts, the public sector, and the law through our Summer School.

DRD is very pleased to have given eight brilliant young sixth formers the opportunity to learn about communications, the courts, the public sector, and the law through our Summer School. The students and schools (St Joseph’s College, St Joan of Arc School, St Bonaventure’s, and Fulham Cross Sixth Form) were selected by our partner organisation, Future First, to give those who might not have typically been given an opportunity like this. Building on last year’s Summer School – our programme, delivered by the team at DRD and many hugely supportive partners provides students with vital employability skills and real-world insights. Below are a few highlights:

Day one: diving into the world of PR and local government

The first day began with students being introduced to the world of PR and strategic communications. This initial session was crucial in establishing a foundation of understanding about the diverse opportunities within the PR industry. The highlight of the day was the trip to City Hall. Students toured the iconic building, gaining an understanding of local government operations. They listened to insightful talks from two Deputy Mayor’s (Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime and Howard Dawber, Deputy Mayor for Business and Growth), and a current City Hall apprentice. The students were also fortunate enough to be greeted by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. This experience provided a unique perspective for the students on the link between policy, politics, and delivery.

“It was a really fun experience, and it definitely helped me feel more secure in my future career and knowing what route I would want to take.”

DRD summer school attendee

Day two: exploring the legal world

The second day shifted focus to the legal sector, beginning with a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice. This visit was more than a tour; it was a chance to experience the judiciary system, where students could witness a live court case. The programme continued at the offices of Mishcon de Reya LLP. Students spoke with the team at Mishcon about careers in law, the various entry routes, and the day-to-day life of a lawyer. This was followed by a practical workshop on CV writing and cover letters, equipping students with essential tools for their future job applications.

Day three: media mastery and interview insights

The final day involved a visit to the Transport for London (TfL) control centre and a talk from Matt Brown, Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs and Victoria Harrison-Cook MBE, Head of Media. This was then followed up with a talk from hands-on research task, allowing students to apply what they had learned in a practical scenario. The students also got to see some of the team at DRD put through their paces as they participated in mock interviews, observed both good and bad practice, and provided the team with valuable feedback. The day concluded with the team at DRD sharing their top tips for securing internships, apprenticeships, and work experience, ensuring students are left with practical advice to take forward as they plan for their futures.


We remain dedicated to providing transformative experiences that prepare students for the future of work. We extend our thanks to all those who helped us deliver this year’s Summer School, which would be nothing without the class of 2024. We eagerly anticipate welcoming the next cohort in 2025.