In a fast paced and changing world, schools and higher education institutions are experiencing ever greater scrutiny. DRD has deep experience of providing specialist communication support to help them navigate the issues they face.

Schools and universities find themselves in the cross-hairs of a range of pressing societal issues. These include navigating the aftermath of the pandemic, dealing with activist movements and responding to changing attitudes in relation to identity and mental health.

In addition to the traditional challenges of supporting young people with their education and learning, schools must also address complex safeguarding issues, diverging attitudes between stakeholder groups and an increasingly polarised media and social media environment.

In managing their day-to-day operations, schools will have to respond to a range of economic and political factors to ensure the long-term viability of their establishments. Among them are cost of living pressures, curriculum and exam reform, pensions, tax and charitable status.

DRD’s specialist team supports leadership teams and governing bodies, ensuring they can handle the specific communications challenges they face, helping clients communicate clearly and effectively with their relevant audiences, and to prepare for reputational issues which might arise.  We have worked with bodies across the education sector, advising from nursery to higher education in both the private and maintained sectors.

Schools and universities face a unique set of challenges when it comes to preserving their reputations. Our senior team is on hand to act as a trusted advisor, helping clients achieve strategic objectives and manage reputational risks.
News & Views
Schools & Charities

1 Sep 2023

A taxing question for independent schools

Labour has confirmed that it will remove key tax exemptions for independent schools, as part of its mission to break down barriers to opportunity. Much of the detail…

Crisis & Reputation Management

5 Jul 2023

Going to extremes: how can regulation prevent the abuse of charities?

Charities have found themselves at the heart of a regulatory debate over extremism and free speech, writes Jon McLeod.

Schools & Charities

7 Feb 2023

Schools set to remain on cyber alert

Schools are braced for a fresh cyber onslaught after a bruising past year, say Kate Miller and Iona Cross.