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They think it’s all over – It (almost) is now!

09 December 2019

Is Nationalism on the rise?

02 December 2019

What does AI mean for lawyers?

26 November 2019

Where in the world…

25 November 2019

Newsnight at the Palace

18 November 2019

Just how right wing would a new Johnson government be?

18 November 2019

Six reasons why Labour could still win (and six reasons why they won’t)

11 November 2019

A conference of two halves

03 October 2019

Optimism evaporating

27 September 2019

Triumph and disaster

26 September 2019

Public affairs & the law

19 September 2019

The view from Brussels

19 September 2019

The Awesome Foursome – can the Union survive?

27 August 2019

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…probably

7 August 2019

Welcoming the DUDE!

24 July 2019

The race to be Prime Minister – and then there were two…

25 June 2019

The aftermath of the European Elections – a view from London and Brussels

3 June 2019

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