Public Affairs

We provide three core public affairs services:

DRD Insight

Our early warning, political radar service. We track clients’ specific issues in real time and provide advice on developments they need to know about.

DRD Engagement

We map, manage and create opportunities for clients to engage with the target decision-makers, influencers and other key stakeholders.

DRD Influence

We work with our clients to help shape specific legislation, regulations and policy-making that could impact their organisations.


We support our core service offering with a range of other public affairs activities including Select Committee training, public procurement advisory, thought leadership, and party conference programmes.

Our highly-skilled public affairs team members come from across the UK’s major political parties as well as senior posts in the civil service and in Brussels. They bring first-hand experience of working in government, electoral politics and international organisations.


Case studies

Giving a strong voice to an industry sector under attack


The client was a loose grouping of business-people which needed to defend the sector's reputation from attack by politicians, the media and regulators. For years they had done nothing proactive, leading to a situation of increased market uncertainty which threatened the future of their mainly small, often family-run, businesses.


Firstly, DRD advised them to get organised and create a formal trade association as a vehicle to defend the industry’s reputation. We kick-started this by creating a new organisation for them, registering them as a legal entity at Companies House, and worked with a respected legal team to define a code of conduct for members of the association to sign up to and abide by. Secondly, DRD drafted the trade body’s submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee Inquiry which was investigating the industry. Finally, using a combination of public affairs, media and social media campaign tools, DRD helped the client gain a voice in the industry to let policymakers and the general public understand the issues that the sector faced.


MPs, government officials, journalists, advisers, think tanks, academics and other stakeholders became open to hearing and, in some cases, actively supportive of the association’s goals to foster a clearer, more responsible market for the benefit of all participants, including consumers. The association is now an established part of the industry, perceived to be campaigning for greater legal and regulatory clarity about existing UK laws and regulations and seen as a responsible voice by policymakers.

Sovereign wealth fund chairman target of international campaign to undermine leadership


The chairman of a top sovereign wealth fund in the MENA region was the target of a campaign by hostile actors attempting to take advantage of the country’s leadership vacuum and claim the chairmanship and the fund’s assets as their own.


DRD engaged in an international campaign to assert the chairman’s leadership across key stakeholder groups worldwide – via one-to-one meetings with US, UK, UN and EU officials, targeted media relations, and the leveraging of the fund’s digital assets.


The group that sought to assert false leadership was widely recognised as illegitimate across the international community, and control of the fund rested firmly in the hands of our client.